When Child Sexual Assault Charges Are False

Child sexual assault cases are some of the most difficult for a defendant to go through. The social stigma, from your community to loved ones to media judgment, may be the worst thing you experience in your life. And when these charges turn out to be false, you may wonder if you’ll ever get your life back.

In the United States court system, we are guaranteed to be “innocent until proven guilty.” However, when accused of a child sex crime, it seems the defendant ends up having to prove their innocence instead. The general public, including a jury of your peers, tend to have preconceived opinions. An aggressive and sympathetic attorney can help you break through this emotional wall.

Although your situation may seem hopeless, New Jersey criminal lawyers can help you work through this complicated legal maze. There is no more critical time in your life to ask for help. False charges of assault on a child are as serious as it gets — it can take time to get to the truth, but it’s worth your very freedom to try.

Why Would Someone Accuse You of Child Endangerment?
Accusations of child abuse or sexual assault are actually more common than most people think. Particularly contentious divorce proceedings, child custody battles, or even false memories from a well-meaning child can all lead to phony allegations.

Experts find that false allegations in child custody battles tend to generate many of these charges. In a majority of cases, the alleged victim doesn’t make the charges themselves, but are reported by a parent, case worker, social worker, police officer, or prosecutor. Children may find themselves as unwitting pawns in an ugly custody battle or domestic issue. Young kids are vulnerable to “remembering” things that never happened. And teens who are angry or feeling neglected may also fabricate stories for attention.

Many innocent people have spent time behind bars due to “he said, she said” situations. Later, accusers may recant their statements, but it can’t undo the damage. Avoiding conviction from the start is the only way to hold on to your freedom and maintain contact with your child.

How Your Attorney Can Help
New Jersey criminal defense lawyers with a proven track record in child endangerment and sexual assault cases know how to help. Proactive defense is key. As soon as you have even an inkling that you may be accused of child endangerment, it’s time to consult with an attorney. A proactive and strategic attorney gets right to work, including putting a microscope on the following:

• Doctors, pediatricians, and psychologists
• Witnesses
• Alibis and family history
• Evidence and photographs
• Sworn statements
• The child, if it’s emotionally safe for him or her
• Possible motives

False accusations of child sexual assault can affect and stigmatize you for the rest of your life. Don’t sit back and lose your family, your reputation, and your freedom. Talk to qualified, proven New Jersey criminal defense lawyers today.