What’s The Deal With California Catalytic Converter Laws

I live in las Angeles California and the smog requirements here are ridiculous. I guess its just the price you pay to live in paradise. So I went to get an engine code read at the dealer ship the other day and they told me my catalytic converter was bad. They had the never to tell me that it would cost $1129 to have another swapped out. I thought they were crazy and figured Id buy one off of eBay and put it on myself.

I waited till I got to work the next. hey you would prefer to be paid to surf the web too right? As I started searching I noticed every cat I could find that was suppose to fit my car said not California compliant. I was at least learning that there were 4 major brands of aftermarket cats they were catco, eastern, magnaflow catalytic converter, and walker exhaust. I was even able to source a few part number for Ca complaint converters from each of the manufacturers.

However no one would sell me one because it was illegal. What I found out was that my state actually had cats made specifically for it and had recently (1-1-2009) outlawed all of them while passing a further restrictive smog law. So all they cats are being sold on the web to fit ca are actually bad. I tried to call most manufacturers but no one would help me until I called all exhaust. They explained to me in detail everything I needed to know and helped me get the correct universal California Magnfalow Catalytic Converter.

I had it welded on for $50 by a meneke muffler shop and I passed my emissions testing with flying colors. Now if I had been interested in just bolting on the cat myself I could have purchased a direct fit catalytic converter and put it on my truck in my driveway. The only reason I did not do this is my car is not worth much and I don’t think having a welded cat would be a bad thing when it comes times to sell it. However if I had a newer vehicle I would of picked up a direct fit Cadillac converter.