What Can Dui Lawyers In San Diego Do For You

Driving under the Influence or DUI as it is commonly known or referred to is a serious offense. A DUI conviction may even get you jail time and complete revocation of your license. This conviction will be a permanent record that will affect your life. In California, where owning a car is almost a necessity, officers are on the prowl, with good reason, for stopping motorists who seem to be under the influence. With the long stretches of highways and equally long commute times, it is possible for people who are tired after work to appear to be drunk but are really tired. Sometimes, they are stopped and mistakenly given a sobriety test. Not to say that the cops are infallible, but there are cases when they do make wrong arrests. In San Diego, the possibility of one getting stopped or pulled over for suspicion of DUI is enhanced because of its border with Mexico and the possibility of drivers’ crossing over that may have partied too hard makes such cops stricter. Perhaps too strict.

If ever you have been falsely arrested for DUI, it is imminent and important for you to find a great DUI lawyer in San Diego. The San Diego DUI law follows the California law on DUI which is one of the strictest and most inflexible in the country. Finding a DUI attorney in San Diego is not hard to do since the number of cases of DUI in San Diego does increase especially during long weekends and spring breaks. Although a San Diego criminal attorney is sufficient, perhaps a San Diego dui lawyer may be needed. These specialists concentrate on the specific details on DUI laws and may even get you out on technicalities.

Some of the things these dui attorneys from San Diego may use in your defense are the following:

– An insufficient or broken observation period. The police must observe you continuously for 15 whole minutes. Often times the officer may include certain times in that arrest that are not part of the whole 15 minutes.

– Activity for those 15 minutes. If you burped or belched or regurgitated during that observation period, it may have affected your test results and you may request for a retest. Either that or you can ask for a mouth rinse especially when you have burped or vomited

– Exposure to volatile fumes such as lacquer, gasoline, paint and dry cleaning fluids may cause a false reading and your behavior or movements do not match the test results

There are more possibilities or defenses against DUI and with the help of a DUI lawyer; you may avoid the unwanted mark of a conviction in your bio data.