Obama administration eliminates bullet ban

What if one of your favorite things to do as a sport was now beginning to become illegal to have?

The famous “green tip” steel core bullet has caused a lot of commotion from the pro-gun community, causing the agency that is liable for monitoring guns to drop its motion to ban this certain type of bullet which is considered to be armor piercing.

After receiving more than 80,000 comments within a week regarding the popular “green tip” steel core bullet, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives dismissed the proposal.

Even though ATF strived to make a proposal that emulated good faith interpretation of the law and balanced the interest of law enforcement, sportsmen and industry, majority of the comments that were made include issues that have every right to be further researched.

A $700,000 nationwide radio and TV ad campaign was recently released by the Second Amendment Foundation, which generally focuses on legal attempts to protect gun rights. The group one minute nationwide campaign was used in order to engage conservative outlets such as The Blaze and Fox News to encourage Americans to petition President Barack Obama to eliminate the proposal.

It was suggested by the gun rights group that this was just another prohibition that was an executive overstep by Obama, however, this time the reason was to strip gun owners of the “green tip” ammunition that is generally used for the AR-15 assault rifle.

The new ban was suggested by the ATF group and contains no evidence that it was proposed by the president or the White House.

The Law Enforcement Officers Protection Act in 1986 exempted the ammunition, which made it illegal to have armor piercing bullets to be used in handguns, but it did not ban the ammunition to be used in rifled which are generally using for the sporting purpose. This means that you are still able to enjoy your favorite sporting activity with these specific types of ammunition.

However, some of the new handguns are able to use these same armor-piercing bullets that have been banned in the 1986 law. This is very concerning because what if there is somebody who will put the life of the ones who protects us, law enforcement officers, in danger? But on the bright side, there has never been any evidence that this type of ammunition being used from a handgun and harming a law enforcement officer.