Making the Decision to Declare Bankruptcy in Sacramento

It can happen to anyone. At least that is what I kept hearing. Still, in all my years of working to earn my keep I never thought it would happen to us. You hear of some people getting hurt and getting a settlement. Well, there is no settlement when you get sick. In fact, when you can no longer work, you lose your job and health insurance. It is how it works. We got through the illness and are on the road to recovery as a family, but the money was all gone. I called a Sacramento bankruptcy attorney to see what could be done as we rebuild our lives as I get back to work.

The savings is gone, the credit cards are maxed out and the people we owe money to just want paid. They are in the right to want what is owed to them. We went into survival mode a little at a time. We needed groceries, gas and mortgage payments. Then we needed medicines and money for treatments up front when the insurance was gone. We spent it all hoping to one day be working full time again. It is a slow crawl out of the mess. Having a real way of being able to satisfy some of the debt would be good. I just cannot afford all of the interest and penalties that have accumulated, and some of the debt is totally unaffordable. What else is there to do now except declare bankruptcy?

This is why we called a Sacramento bankruptcy attorney. We did not know what our options were, if any, and we had no idea what to do next. We are only current on our house payments with it close to being paid off. We do no want to have liens or risk losing our home. We do not want that straw on the camel’s back we are already dealing with. Hopefully bankruptcy will get us some much needed financial relief.