Instagram Has Our Demographic So of Course We Use It

I never thought that a social media platform that involves people just posting pictures using a few filters to edit would get so popular. Now even businesses are using Instagram for promotion. It is a narcissist’s dream as well. I was interested in the business applications of it. Specifically, getting product information out there. I wanted to take photos and promote our product, and then have customers post how they use our product. The plan was to generate good social media buzz. However, to get going on Instagram, I think there might be a need to buy real Instagram followers. It is just how those social media systems work. To get promoted you need to be popular. To be popular you need to have the site promote you.

I did not want to pay a fortune out of our advertising budget just to promote an Instagram campaign. However, it was not expensive to buy real Instagram followers to get the ball rolling. Having a bunch of initial followers tells the program behind Instagram that your account is trendy. If your account is trendy and popular, you get it shown to more people automatically. The algorithm wants to show popular Instagram accounts to its users to keep them interested in clicking. So, instead of paying a fortune for sponsored placement on Instagram, you are making the algorithm think you are popular.

I am not even that much of a fan of social media. I read one account a little. Most of the time I do not have the time. However, there are millions and millions who practically live on social media. Using the platforms for marketing is pretty obvious. You go where the potential is to reach potential customers. Our demographic is on Instagram. Of course we are going to use the platform to market to them. This is just how salesmanship works.