How Do Lawyers Use Social Media?

Social media has become a popular (and greatly effective) marketing strategy for all kinds of businesses, including law firms. Lawyers are able to market themselves and gather more clients through the help of social media since it has become a universal database of communication. Lawyers are also able to use this fact as they gather data for cases that they work on.

What Lawyers Can Get Out of Social Media

Marketing your law firm on social media sites is very effective because most of the activity done by people around the world (the likes, shares and comments) can be publicly seen and somehow be a measurement of success.

Social media has become an avenue for people to see what you have to offer in your law firm. Through this, you can be able to gather comments which can count as testimonials of your service. New clients will be able to see this and measure the quality of your work based on what other clients have claimed to experience.

Through the comments regarding the service, the law firm is also able to make certain goals to follow and possible points of improvement since the said comments vary from negative comments to positive ones.

Once you share something on social media, it stays there for the whole world to see, especially if it’s something everyone in the whole world would want to see it. Even if you delete your post, chances are that someone has already saved or captured a screenshot of it. Many lawyers take advantage of this fact. Because the data shared on social media is accessible, consistent and, more often than not, timestamped, lawyers are able to use it as evidence to their cases when needed. There are limits, but it is definitely one of the more reliable forms of evidence as they can use it to measure the consistency of the stories stated in the courtroom.

The Dangers of Lawyers Using Social Media for Business

Sometimes using social media might not be the best idea, especially if you don’t know what it may demand from you. While using social media updates as a form of evidence or self-advertisement is helpful, there is always a chance that doing so may affect your work ethic negatively.

Social media is probably the most effective way to market your business today, but when you are advertising yourself as a lawyer, there are certain standards, disclaimers and conditions that you have to comply with and include in your post as you market yourself online. Failure to do so may cause you to compromise certain ethics in the proper way to market your business.

Ethics can also be greatly compromised especially when lawyers use social media for evidence. Having access to live updates online helps you familiarize yourself with what real updates look like. Some lawyers might use their connections to manipulate data that come from social media and change it in a way that will favor the clients they represent, even though it’s not permissible by law. Using social media is also dangerous because the lawyer may also try to gain access to data even in the most unethical means – even if it means breaking the security of a certain account just to gain evidence.

Social media is very helpful for your business, yes. But like for all social media users, certain responsibilities must be taken when lawyers use social media. The way lawyers use social media has the potential to either break or make the business they are trying to build, and the profession they are trying to uphold.

Written by Kellie Bertels, an attorney at Bandre, Hunt and Snider in Jefferson City, MO. Bandre, Hunt and Snider are the best attorneys Jefferson City MO have to offer.