Great Deals on Fireworks for July

I love the fourth of July. I think that it is the best holiday in the whole world because it celebrates the birth of America, which is the best country on Earth. So it only follows that this is the best holiday. Anyway, I am pretty excited this year, because I got to buy some Washington fireworks at a discount and I was able to get some pretty big ones. The biggest ones that they sell around here anyway. I would have bought some bigger ones, if they were available, but it turns out that these are the biggest ones that you can buy legally.

Anyway, I am concerned about not having enough room at my house to have over all of the guests that are planning to attend my celebration. I bought a lot of steaks on discount a few months ago when it was really cheap for some ribeye steaks. I think that I have about 50 steaks in the freezer. It should be a pretty awesome celebration with that much beer, and of course all of the fireworks.

There will be drinking, and all of that as well. But since I supplied the fireworks and the steaks, the party is going to have a bring your own beer policy in force. I think that is only fair, considering the amount of money that I am spending on the other things. Though maybe I could have paid for the whole thing if I had got some kegs of beer and then just charged a cover charge for the admission to the party. Although, that does not seem like a very good thing to do for a fourth of July party, and maybe not as many people would be planning to show up to my party if I did that.