Cultural Difference Between Law Firms In Delhi& Mumbai

India supports unity in diversity having wide scope of cultural values and religious aspects. As we go from north to south on the map of India, we observe the large variation in the lifestyle of people including their eating habits, religious beliefs, daily activities and various other factors. As the change is noticed across the distance, needs for change in law also exists. Same is true with the working style and practices. Every state and city has its own color and flair. Let us take example of Delhi and Maharashtra. Delhi being the capital of India, and having Supreme Court located, is known to be of highest authority in judicial sector Law firms in Delhi have got expert team of advocates who are highly professional. Law firms in Delhi are also known for their ideal working style which suits in every situation in almost every part of the country. On the other side Mumbai is famous for activities like drugs exchange, smuggling etc as it is attached with sea and most of these things need sea transportation, thus making Mumbai area a red alert zone where strict legal bodies are required to enforce law and order. Law firms in Mumbai are expert in their own unique way. Pune as being a neighboring city has the same set of requirements as Mumbai. Law firms in pune are known for their exceptional command on core legal knowledge whereas law firms in Mumbai are famous for rendering practical solutions and exercising law and order in a widely spread city. Law firms in Delhi are a balance of both knowledge and presentable setup. So we just studied that every state and district has its own strategies and requirement but nine thing that is common between all is a hard working attitude and a result oriented mindset. We can feel the loyalty and dedication in all of them being a part of India. This is the universal pattern which keeps the Indians binding with an invisible thread. The gradual advancement in legal profession has made India the strongest nation ever which is now ready to compete with any nation in true sense. We Indian no longer remained deprived of justice. We can seek justice independently as being a proud Indian. We are looking forward for its advancement in every field just like it demonstrated its development in jurisdiction sector.