Bizarre Laws In The State Of Illinois Keep Those Smelly Feet Out Of The Theater

You never know when weird laws are liable to be enforced. People in the State of Illinois were surprised to see that some blue laws, those that prohibited certain conduct on Sundays, were enforced a decade or so ago. These blue laws are considered strange laws by many who live in other states. One of the bizarre laws in Illinois that is enforced is no car selling on Sundays. Car dealerships in Cook County must be closed on Sundays. This is one of the weird laws that was enacted in the early 1980s as a way to cut down on car sales competition.

Other Illinois weird laws include no selling of liquor on Sundays. In some cities and counties, there is no liquor sold from stores on Sundays. In others, no liquor sales are permitted before 12 noon.

In the city of Cicero, the home of the notorious Al Capone, it is illegal to hum in public on Sundays. This is not one of the bizarre laws in Illinois that are enforced today. One might imagine that this is one of the weird laws that were enacted during the times of Al Capone. It is also illegal to eat at a restaurant or any other establishment that is on fire.

Another of the Illinois strange laws involves theater owners. Theater owners can kick out anyone from a theater in the city of Winnetka that has smelly feet. This is one of the strange laws from the 1940s that is on the books today.

In the city of Joliet, also in Illinois, a woman cannot try on more than 6 items in a store at one time. This is one of those weird laws that is enforced by stores to deter shoplifting, although it is a matter of record in the city of Joliet.

Many of the strange laws in Illinois seem to be weird laws that would never be enforced. But it is important to remember, when you are looking at strange laws, that many people who live in Illinois, as well as many businesses, did not expect the blue laws that prohibit sales of alcohol and cars on Sunday to be enforced until they were. Despite the fact that they are weird laws, they are still law in Illinois and can be enforced at any time.