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Copyright Law In India

Copyright is the exclusive right to publish and circulate any artistic, literary, musical works etc. granted to an author of a work for a limited duration. Copyright law in India ensures that copyright subsists in original literary, dramatic, musical and artistic work, cinematograph films, sound recordings and computer software. Copyright exists at the time of creation of the work but registration, as per the copyright law in India, provides prima facie evidence of validity in Law Courts.
In accord with the Copyright Law in India, a copyright may be registered as per the procedure set out in Chapter VI of the copyright Rules 1958. An application for registration of a copyright is to be made in Form IV which must include a Statement of Particulars and Statement of Further Particulars. The applicant for registration of a copyright must give notice of his application to every person who has any interest in the subject matter of the copyright or disputes the rights in the applicant.
Each work must be protected separately and separate applications are to be filed for the registration of each work. The requisite fee will also have to be paid, as prescribed in the schedule, at the time of submitting the application. The copyright law in India also requires a duly executed power of attorney to be filed along with the application. In case of a published work, three copies of the work are to be filed with the application.
Copyright Law in India provides protection for foreign works in India so long as the work is originally from any country listed in the International Copyright Order. To secure cross border protection in Copyright India has become a member of several International Conventions such as:
1. Berne Convention for protection of literary and artistic works
2. Universal Copyright Convention
3. Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights.
4. Multilateral Convention for the avoidance of Double Taxation of Copyright Royalties.

Copyright law in India provides for assignment and licencing of copyright in India. An author of a work may transfer his ownership rights in a copyright through an assignment deed. As per the copyright law in India no assignment is valid unless it is reduced in writing and is in the form of an assignment deed. A licence too must be reduced in writing and signed by the owner of a copyright or his duly authorized agent. For more details please log on to

Make The Law Of Attraction Work For You

The Law of Attraction tends to attract similar things to those that are pre-existing, and in situations where negative actions and feelings are present, the Law of Attraction will simply provide more of the same. Changing your outlook on life needn’t be difficult: you can transform your thinking by eliminating negative values and replacing them with a positive outlook. There is an array of tools and techniques available for you to be able to make the transition between your negative lifestyle and a more positive outlook. All you need to do is know how to use the Law of Attraction.

Positive Emotions Provide a Positive Response

Where the Law of Attraction is presented with positive situations, more good and lovely outcomes prevail. When things go wrong in our lives, the problem is most often instigated by our own feelings, responses or reactions to the situations we find ourselves in. We are not always rational in our responses to circumstances and, when things go wrong we often tend to blame ourselves excessively, being unable to release guilt that continues to pile up over the years until we are so bowed down by culpability that our lives become ineffectual.

Once you have learned how to implement those ancient universal laws that are known to be the Law of Attraction, there should be no stopping you. First of all though, in order to make use of the Law of Attraction, you need to bring your negative emotions and feelings of inadequacy into line and begin to learn how to reverse that failure so that you are brimming with new-found confidence and a positive aura. To attract more of what you deserve out of life, you need to re-direct your thoughts and emotions. This requires commitment to change but, if you have plenty of that, how do you use the law of attraction to get what you want out of life?

Developing the concept of bringing your negative emotions into line, you need to develop a conscious awareness of your persistent thoughts and learn how to direct these persistent thoughts and funnel them towards what you want from life. This could take a long time and, left to you this could be quite a difficult feat.

However, learning how to use meditation techniques such as Holosync should provide you with an effective tool that enables you to turn your life around from negative to positive and, even if you do have fleeting negative feelings, they rarely stay. You will find that this tool will give you the opportunity to achieve a deep level of meditation that could take many years to achieve.

The Way To Get An Inexpensive Divorce Lawyers In Oc

Ways to get an easily affordable family law attorneys in orange county ca written by: kimathi gitahi

Getting affordable divorce attorneys in Oc ca is not a huge problem. There are numerous these in Orange and the’ve a very important role play in each and every family setting. Today everybody is deciding on their helps making it easy to handle family dispute. Unlike days gone by when a few of the issue affecting many families has been solved amicably by elders in the household, today court proceedings happen to be the normal supply of solutions. This is the reason the household law attorney is quite vital in this county because they do understand all the divorce plus they can easily information their potential customers accordingly.

In Oc, California the household attorney is one of the most respect professions. The primary areas that they specialises in include the divorce and legal separations, division of property, paternity issue, visitation, spousal support, your sons or daughters and others. Their professional services happen to be rated because best as per their customer care and credibility inside their work. Hence, it is very important for top level and at the same time the most cost effective family law attorneys in Orange County CA. there are several few tips to help you identify the best attorney to deal with your case.

One, you should discover the attorney that have the great reputation in handling cases similar to yours. This will be informed by looking at the former cases they have got handled. Although Oc divorce attorneys are specialised out there, you’ll find those firms that can learn better in some cases. Example, firm X could be developing a standing of winning majority of divorce cases that they handle. This means that in case you are submitting divorce, this will be the most effective firm to engage since your attorneys. Their charges will inform you when they are the most affordable divorce attorneys in Orange County ca for you to hire.

Another essential thing is to confirm the conduct with the firm that you must do business with. There are many rogue companies that are recognized to corn their potential customers and then on don’t fulfill their duties. Ensure that you avoid then at all cost. Their example of the lawyer is worth trying to find since it will likely be very useful in running cases. The many cases they’ve participated in and won are incredibly essential in determining whether these are most economical divorce attorneys in Orange County ca. It is also crucial that you ask as numerous questions as is possible to the lawyer to determine they may have what it takes to deal with your cases. Sometime being referred by someone who have worked a specific is the easiest method to are right.

The fee is the main strategy to ascertain whether the firm that you would like has the most cost effective family law attorneys in Oc ca. just be sure you have gone for the best affordable attorney without compromising the caliber of the services you want. It is not wise for the case cost to get above the profit from the court verdict. Oc gets the best family law attorney and you just need to to do a good research on those tips.

Forgotten Laws Govern Human Behavior


11 forgotten laws is one of the most popular self study online courses introduced by Bob Proctor and Marry Morrissey. This is a kind of online study course and is easily downloadable with the help of Internet access. The course goes around the study of eleven universal laws and its importance, which are familiar with the humans since birth. These eleven forgotten laws are absolutely not new or novel for anyone of us. In fact, these laws are based on the universal principles of the world – we are living in!

11 forgotten laws govern human behavior and this theory is a proven one. All the eleven laws are interdependent in nature and they work together shaping our behavior towards life.

Before moving further, let me introduce the 11 forgotten laws:

Law of Attraction
Law of Increase
Law of Supply
Law of Thinking
Law of Receiving
Law of Obedience
Law of Science
Law of Forgiveness
Law of Compensation
Law of Non-Resistance
Law of Sacrifice

Having a look over these eleven forgotten laws may remind you of the film: The Secret. The Secret emphasized on the Law of attraction forgetting the other interdependent clauses, which really made it unfair or unjustifiable. Therefore people started believing in the laws of universe overnight but with some gap of time, its impact started getting fade. This was where the need of other forgotten laws was noticed and Bob Proctor has miraculously come up with the new online self-course detailing the study of 11 forgotten laws.

How eleven forgotten laws govern human behavior?

Someone has rightly said that, Forgiveness is fragrance that the flower gives even after getting crushed.

If you read these laws carefully, you will find one thing in common in them. I am talking about the art of human nature. Forgiveness, love, sacrifice are all the laws that human learns from the universe and one day teaches the same to another person. These laws state that, Whatever you give to others comes back to you sooner or later. With the help of law of attraction, these eleven laws work together for achieving the desired results.

Talking about the Product: 11 forgotten laws

11 forgotten laws downloadable product is developed by Bob Proctor & Marry Morrissey. It contains 95 lessons that can be run as an audio program on Computer, Laptop or can be transferred to your iPod for flexi learning. The famous book by Classic writer Raymond Holliwell, Working with the Law is explored in these 95 lessons, which emphasis on the importance of eleven forgotten laws. This product accompanies with the series of 12 CD packs that runs for around 7 hours. You will also get some bonus eBooks and guided meditations with the purchase of this product. Finally, this product comes with money back guarantee that ensures no monetary loss or risk while buying it.

11 forgotten laws is a feasible product to grab:

11 forgotten laws is one of the practical products that reminds us of forgotten principles of universe and advise us to apply it in our day to day life for achieving the desired results or heights. The period of two months will be granted for the user to use the information and validate the same in his/her life. I guess from my personal experience, I have learnt a lot from this product and 2 months are enough to apply these principles in our changed life. These laws definitely change your attitude towards life and its perceptions. At the end, I am repeating the same lines like before; Whatever you give to nature, nature gives the same to you!

Benefits of Purchasing 11 forgotten laws:

The best thing about this product is that it is quite flexible or versatile in nature. One can listen these audio clips anywhere and anytime without any issues. In fact it gives great help in understanding the principles of life that are almost forgotten by many of us. Things like love and forgiveness are introduced in the most heavenly way and it will surely bring the touch of reality and practicality towards life. Moreover this course is rewarded as one of the most motivational, educational, inspirational and practical courses online. The customer support or panel is quite co-operative and with 60 days money back guarantee, you cant deny buying it!

Who should buy or listen to the useful lessons of 11 forgotten laws?

People, who are interested in changing their life and personality, should definitely buy this product. This product is for all those people, who either want to improve their financial or personal life status. It is one of the most motivational products online with amazing benefits. The law of attraction is already known by the people after watching the film, The Secret. Now, its time to turn up your life for something better and wonderful by studying eleven forgotten laws including forgiveness and attraction. On internet and worldwide, the lessons of this product are accredited as Magical pills- that can modify the look of your life!


Reading the review of 11 forgotten laws on internet can help you out for knowing the benefits of this product in more prcised way.

The Secret Behind The Secret Law Of Attraction.

The secret is out! That is, the secret law of attraction.

The Secret, a film made only for DVD, a docudrama on the Secret Law of Attraction has had an impact that can be measured in millions, namely it cost millions to produce, influenced millions, and made millions of dollars in profit.

Those who got the message, tried it out, proved it for themselves, and wrote emotionally-charged testimonials that fill the official website of The Secret. Those who did not, claimed it was an extravagant celluloid marketing campaign with no substance. Overnight experts emerged in influential magazines and periodicals to proclaim it dangerous, misleading, and more magical thinking than the naive general public could handle.

Does it really work? My own humble opinion is that it works like nothing before ever has in my life. When I read testimonials about it on the official website and on numerous other websites that also talk about the secret law of attraction, I nod in agreement. I’m even willing to declare it to be scientifically valid, because it can be empirically proved by the subject, and because it can be explained by Quantum Mechanics where the observer influences the experiment.

If it works, if people have proved it works, then why are many people also disappointed and frustrated and publicly decrying it as a form of mass delusion. The answer to this is application. Yes, application is the secret of the secret law of attraction. Correct, appropriate, relevant application.

In order to engage the mind to work for you, you have to believe that the mind can work for you. In this particular case, we are talking about the conscious mind believing in the unknown power of the subconscious mind. Those who have asked have been answered, those who have sought have found, and those who have knocked have found that the door opens from the inside. Similarly, those who have no faith at all, or a faith laced with either timidity or scorn, have proved their belief true: that it does not work.

Let’s break this analysis down to specific techniques in the secret law of attraction.

One of the techniques is to hold a focused thought about what you desire. People whose minds jump around in excitement like children at a birthday party, one minute laughing, the next minute crying, and the third minute intent on something else, can’t be expected to manifest anything. You need to focus on an image long enough for it to settle into the subconscious mind. A clear, detailed image, a sense of color, texture, and form is necessary.

Since the entire process of manifestation is a phenomenon that arises from the action of the subconscious mind, those people who delight in endless intellection are poor candidates for success. While they may have a knack for writing satirical pieces about the secret law of attraction or analyzing something to death, this level of mental acuity works against them when they’re trying to manifest. A gift for abstraction almost certainly cancels out a gift for manifestation. Again, the reason for this is rather simple, embarrassingly simple, you have got to be in touch with your feelings to manifest anything. No feelings, no vibrations, no manifestation.

The secret of the secret law of attraction is application. It will work if you work it. Working it means focusing on a desire long enough to get a clear and detailed picture of it. It also means feeling the reality of what has not yet happened as if it had already occurred.

The secret law of attraction is only for people who believe in the evidence of things not seen and are patient enough to wait for them to show up. The secret is out and you can use it to enjoy health, wealth, romantic love, and happiness.

Career In Law Part -2

Lawyers in Defence services – deals with all legal matters concerning the state and is authorised to conduct courts of enquiry and court martials of offending service personnel.

2) Political advisors Ministers have various legal experts on their pay rolls who advise them from time to time on legal issues concerning various political matters

3) Lawyers with the government – inducted into the Government ministries through a UPSC interview. The minimum qualification is a Master’s degree in law with five years’ experience. Examples include: Indian Legal Service (Law officers and Legal Advisors) & State Legal Service (state police, judiciary and revenue departments)

(A)Personality Traits
1.)Highly intellectual
2.)Ability to assimilate & analyse data
3.)Unbiased approach
4.)Excellent communication & presentation skills
5.)Ability to persuade, convince & argue
6.)Self Confident
7.)Mental & Physical stamina
8.)Inclined towards reference work

(B)Job Prospects
Lawyers begin work either as appreciates with leading lawyers or with law firms. Many go on to set up an independent practice. Some leading law firms include Amarchand MangalDass, AZB, DSK Legal, Pathak & Associates, Dua & Dua, Fox & Mundal, Kochar & Kochar, Khaitan & Khaitan, Luthra & Luthra, Jyoti Sagar and Anand & Anand. These firms have a national presence with specialsied departments in varied fields of law.

Starting salaries in a solicitor firm range from Rs 1.2 1.5 lacs per annum but grow very rapidly. A Senior Advocate or Partner in a firm would earn between Rs 10 lacs to Rs 18 lacs per annum on an average. Independent practice starts at Rs 1.2 Rs 1.5 lacs per annum. An independent lawyer doing well could earn between Rs 10 lacs to Rs 15 lacs per annum.
If one makes it big as a well-known or celebrity lawyer, of course, the sky is the limit.

(D)Study Routes
After XII (any subject), pursue BA LLB, a 5-year course in Law.
After graduation (any subject) – LLB is a 3-year course for graduates. Most universities and their affiliated colleges in India conduct the LLB course.

After LLB – After a 5 year law course (BA LLB) or a 3-year (LLB) course, there are opportunities for further studies in areas related to law. These studies could be full time post graduation (LLM) of 2 years duration, or diploma courses of 1-year duration. Studying abroad could also be a possibility. Under-graduation or LLB can only be done in the UK, as that is the only place where if you study Law you can practice in India. Masters in Law can be done in the US or UK.

Leading institutions that offer courses in law are:
1.) National Law School of India University, Nagarbhavi, Bangalore – 560 072.
2.) NALSAR University of Law, 3-4-761, Barkatpura, Hyderabad – 500027
3.) National University of Juridical Sciences, NUJS Bhawan, 12 LB Block, Salt Lake, Kolkata
4.) National Law University, NH-65, Nagaur Road, Mandore, Jodhpur, Rajasthan- 342 004
5.) Symbiosis Society’s Law College, Senapati Bapat Road, Pune, Maharashtra – 411 004
6.) NLIU Bhopal, VYAPAM “Chayan Bhawan” Main Road No.-1, Chinar Park (East) Bhopal-11
7.) Pondicherry University 5 YR BA LLB (HONS) CENTAC, Pondicherry Engineering College Campus, Pondicherry 605 014.
8.) The Tamil Nadu Dr.Ambedkar Law University, “Poompozhil”, 5, Greenways Road, Chennai – 600 028.
9.) Hidayatullah National Law University, Civil Lines, Raipur – 492001 (C.G.).
10.) Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Kashmere Gate, Delhi-110006.
11.) Army institute of Law, Sector – 68, Mohali 160062, Punjab
12.) Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, Bharati Vidyapeeth Bhavan, Lal Bhadur Shastri Marg, Pune 411 030
13.) Faculty of Law, Delhi University, University Road, Delhi 110007
14.) Faculty of Law, Banaras Hindu University, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi 221 005
15.) Gujarat National Law University , Gandhinagar, Old NIFT Building,E-4 GIDC, Electronic Zone, Gandhinagar – 382 028, Gujarat
16.) Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh 202002
17.) Hidayatullah National Law University, HNLU Bhawan, Civil Lines, 492001 Raipur

Other Colleges include:
1.)Aligarh Muslim University, Law Faculty, Aligarh 202002.
2.)Amity Law School (Amity Campus Saket) E-27, Defence Colony, New Delhi 24
3.)NBM College of Law, Vishakapatnam 530002
4.)Osmania University, Law College Hyderabad 500007
5.)Bangalore University, Law College, Jnana Bharathi, Bangalore 560056
6.)Mangalore University Manglagangotri 574199, Karnataka
7.)University of Mysore, Law College, Crawford Hall, Mysore 570005
8.)Law College, University of Madras, Centenary Buildings,Chepauk, Chennai 600005
9.)Bharti Vidyapeeth Law College, LB Shastri Marg Pune 411030
10.) B R Ambedkar University, College of Law Aurangabad 431001
11.) University of Mumbai Law Faculty, Fort, Mumbai 400032
12.) University of Lucknow, Lucknow 226007
13.) University of Punjab, Chandigarh
14.) Law Faculty, University of Delhi, Delhi 110 007
15.) University of Rajasthan, Jaipur 302 004
16.) University of Mumbai Law Faculty, Fort, Mumbai 400032
17.) Gujarat University, Ahmedabad 380009
18.) MS University of Baroda, Vadodara 399002
19.) Nagpur University, Nagpur 440001
20.) University of Pune, Ganeshkhind, Pune 411007
21.) Marathwada University, Aurangabad 431 004
22.) Utkal University, Vani Nagar, Bhubaneshwar 751004

Colleges Overseas

Colleges in USA

1.)Yale University, school of law
2.)Harvard university, school of law
3.)Stanford university, school of law
4.)Columbia university, school of law
5.)New York University, school of law
6.)University of Chicago, school of law

Note: To practice law in India you can only do your Masters in the USA. Under-Graduation would need do be done in India / UK.

1.)Cambridge University
3.)London School of Economics
4.)University College, London
5.)Nottingham University
6.)Warwick university
7.)Kings College, London
8.)Manchester University

1.)Australian College of Law
2.)James Cook University
3.)University of Canberra
4.)University of Melbourne
5.)Sydney University Law School
6.)University of Tasmania

Maquiladorasimmex Compliance – Laws And Regulations

Why Should You Attend:

If you have an IMMEX plant, are planning to incorporate one, or do business or deal with an IMMEX, this webinar is for you. It will help you understand how these plants are controlled and operated, and why specific documentation and information is required by various parties in the supply chain.

When Maquilas and PITEX programs were initially created in Mexico, each one had a different purpose with separate and distinct regulations. At the same time, both programs received administrative, accounting and customs benefits. They were an important part of the Mexican economy and represented more than 80% of the total manufacturing for Mexican exports.

However, due to the duty deferral and drawback restrictions imposed under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Maquilas and PITEX would no longer continue receiving the same benefits. Consequently, the Mexican government dismantled them and in their place created a new program known as IMMEX (Manufacturing, Maquiladora and Export Services Industry) that represented a new opportunity for the trade community.

IMMEX continues to be an excellent way to invest and do business in Mexico. Do not miss this unique opportunity to hear about all the benefits offered by this program presented by Mexican attorneys that specialize in customs and trade law.

Areas Covered in the Seminar:

Laws and regulations applicable to IMMEX.

– Mexican customs law
– General Customs Rules
– IMMEX decree
– Article 303, NAFTA

Mexican authorities that supervise, inspect, control and impose sanctions to IMMEX
– Secretaria de Economia
– Secretaria de Hacienda y Credito Publico

IMMEX Benefits.
– Goods and merchandise that IMMEX can import into Mexico
– Statutory periods of time applicable to goods imported by IMMEX

Operation and control of a company with an IMMEX Program.
– Transferring goods among companies with IMMEX Programs
– Calculation and payment of duties, duty deferral and drawback

Requirements and obligations.
– Annual sales
– Annual report
– Automated inventory control system
– Return or export of goods abroad

Exporting goods to the United States and Canada.
– Article 303, NAFTA

Different kind of companies that an IMMEX program may have:
– Controller
– Industrial
– Services
– Shelter
– Third party

Other aspects.
– Labeling
– Mexican taxes
– Certified companies
– Pedimento
– Customs regime

Who Will Benefit:

– Companies with IMMEX plants in Mexico
– Individuals or companies wishing apply for IMMEX Program
– Companies supplying goods or services to IMMEX plants
– Companies receiving goods and services from an IMMEX
– Customs Compliance personnel
– Transportation and Logistics
– Inside Counsel
– International sales/purchasing department

Instructor Profile:

Brenda Cordova, graduated from the School of Law of the Universidad Autonoma de San Luis Potosi. Fluent in English and Spanish, she completed the coursework requirements for an LLM degree in International Law and Latin American Studies from the University of Texas at Austin (the School of Law and the Institute of Latin American Studies). She has taken several courses on Mexican customs and international trade at the Tecnologico de Monterrey, Campus San Luis Potosi and at BANCOMEXT.

Brenda’s legal practice covers all areas of customs, business, corporate, international purchasing from the Mexican government, international contracts, foreign investment, and NAFTA, including NAFTA audits, labeling, classification, customs regimes, IMMEX, duty deferral and drawback.

She served as a foreing legal consultant for Integrated Trade Systems, Inc., an affiliated company of PEMEX (Petroleos Mexicanos) in Houston, Texas. She was a law professor at the Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores and at the Justo Sierra University, and served as the head of the Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores (“Foreign Affairs Ministry), in Rioverde, S.L.P. Brenda was a co-hosts a weekly legal affairs TV program in S.L.P.

She has been a working as a foreign legal consultant for Adrienne Braumiller since 1994 and for the firm of Braumiller Schulz LLP since 2003. She teaches Mexican customs and trade at the Universidad Autonoma de San Luis Potosi and is also a renowned speaker at business and legal conferences and seminars.

Starting A Law Firm – Office Space

Starting a law firm is difficult. It takes a lot of hard work and a lot of long hours to be successful. But most attorneys who start a law firm don’t fail because they aren’t willing to put in the hard work and long hours. They fail because they don’t have enough money saved up to properly fund the business. Due to cash flow issues and the chance you might not have any clients for a while, it is important to keep overhead expenses low from the outset. The major recurring expenditure will be office space and, more specifically, the cost to rent office space. Below you will find the basic ideas for office space when starting your firm.

1) Traditional Office Space.

For many business owners, the thought of having a dedicated office that they go to everyday, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., is very important. Attorneys as a whole fall into a sort of “old school” style in that they are, as a profession, slow to warm to new trends. That’s okay, but when it comes to office space, traditional offices can be quite pricey. Therefore, it is important to get the most bang for your buck if you choose to take the traditional office space route. Make your office pay for itself, by locating it in an area where it will draw business. For example, if you are a criminal attorney, it may be wise to rent space next to the courthouse.

2) Using Your Home.

The advantage to having a home office is that it is not expensive. Other than outfitting the office, and replacing furniture, computers, or other items when they break, it really doesn’t cost anything to set up shop in your home. The disadvantage is that a home office can give the impression of unprofessionalism or even the lack of success. Certain practice areas are not suited for a home office (think criminal law) because you can’t meet certain clients in your home. Or at least you shouldn’t.

3) Sharing Office Space.

Office sharing is an excellent way to keep costs down and perhaps benefit from others in the meanwhile. While it isn’t necessarily cheap to share an office with other professionals, the benefits can be immense. For example, if you share office with another attorney in your same practice area, you have an immediate resource for information. If you share with another attorney who doesn’t practice in the same areas, you have a referral source. Finally, if you share with other types of professionals (i.e. CPA), you have the best of both worlds.

4) Off-Site Office Space.

A virtual office is essentially an off-site location where you can receive your mail, have a professional answering service, and rent office space for meetings if needed. Most of your work will be done in some other location, like your home. But the virtual office provides a professional image at the fraction of the cost. Some providers even offer a la carte services, such as only a mailbox or only an answering service. It is a great alternative to the traditional or shared office in terms of price, but may not be the longterm solution due to the lack of a fixed presence.

It is important to choose your office space wisely at any stage of your law firm growth, but it is especially important when you first open your firm. Do your research and make an educated decision about what will be the best for your law firm, mostly from a financial perspective.

Career Options in Law

As a child, you may have dreamed about becoming an astronaut or a pilot, basically these professions are cool and awesome. One profession or career path you may not have thought of is becoming a lawyer or attorney. A career in law can be rewarding and fulfilling. A Law professional’s stature is characterized by the intellectual skills and powers to enforce lawful actions as they see fit according to the set of rules and regulations the state has laid down. Aside from being a rewarding profession, a degree in law also entails an average starting income of $72,300 with career advancement opportunities underway for those who hold better credentials and qualifications. If you are a fresh graduate of high school and are considering entering a particular law college or university, here are some career opportunities open to you when you acquire the knowledge and skills from the law school.

The first question you need to ask yourself is what are the skills gathered from your course in law? The study and law profession has several subcategories. In order to specialize in any one of these fields, you should know the skills you’ve amassed. Graduating as a bachelor of law, you should be able to possess the fundamental skills to correctly practice in this respective field of study. This includes communication, both written and verbal, analysis and problem solving, utilizing data from multiple sources, time management, researching, presentation, keen eye for even the smallest details and logical reasoning.

Now, what doors are open to you? One career in law is being a solicitor. Solicitors have direct communication with clients, providing invaluable advice and recommendations on the legal practices in person, writing or via phone. They are commonly the client’s first point of contact throughout the legal system and can resolve a lot of disputes and problems themselves by means of rendering legal advice, writing notifications and letters, producing drafts of legal paperwork and even representing clients during court cases.

Graduates having certificate in legal practice can also try a career as a barrister. Barristers are experts in advocacy and presenting their client’s cases in legal court. Barristers do not generally negotiate directly with their clients and instead work with clients that are referred by solicitors. Barristers also carry out studies and researches related with the case they are currently holding. Barristers are also tasked in writing opinions and usually develop professional knowledge with regards to a respective field of law.

Students who’ve acquired a level and have attained the necessary skills and qualifications from a law course can also take on the role of paralegal, also known as legal assistants. While they cannot provide legal advice and recommendations or represent clients in court, they are tasked with the responsibility of performing much of the preparation and research that is necessary to win the case. Paralegals usually draft paperwork and facilitate interviews from witnesses in relation to their case.

Accomplishing a law degree, graduates can also take on the role as a mediator in the field of law. Mediation is a growing field and involves resolving disputes and differences as well as supporting individuals in coming up with a viable agreement for their particular case without the need to take the matter to court law. The mediator does not identify the solution but simply helps both parties involved in formulating a lawful and mutual beneficial resolution.

Bizarre Laws In The State Of Illinois Keep Those Smelly Feet Out Of The Theater

You never know when weird laws are liable to be enforced. People in the State of Illinois were surprised to see that some blue laws, those that prohibited certain conduct on Sundays, were enforced a decade or so ago. These blue laws are considered strange laws by many who live in other states. One of the bizarre laws in Illinois that is enforced is no car selling on Sundays. Car dealerships in Cook County must be closed on Sundays. This is one of the weird laws that was enacted in the early 1980s as a way to cut down on car sales competition.

Other Illinois weird laws include no selling of liquor on Sundays. In some cities and counties, there is no liquor sold from stores on Sundays. In others, no liquor sales are permitted before 12 noon.

In the city of Cicero, the home of the notorious Al Capone, it is illegal to hum in public on Sundays. This is not one of the bizarre laws in Illinois that are enforced today. One might imagine that this is one of the weird laws that were enacted during the times of Al Capone. It is also illegal to eat at a restaurant or any other establishment that is on fire.

Another of the Illinois strange laws involves theater owners. Theater owners can kick out anyone from a theater in the city of Winnetka that has smelly feet. This is one of the strange laws from the 1940s that is on the books today.

In the city of Joliet, also in Illinois, a woman cannot try on more than 6 items in a store at one time. This is one of those weird laws that is enforced by stores to deter shoplifting, although it is a matter of record in the city of Joliet.

Many of the strange laws in Illinois seem to be weird laws that would never be enforced. But it is important to remember, when you are looking at strange laws, that many people who live in Illinois, as well as many businesses, did not expect the blue laws that prohibit sales of alcohol and cars on Sunday to be enforced until they were. Despite the fact that they are weird laws, they are still law in Illinois and can be enforced at any time.