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Holistically Living The Universal Law Of Equilibrium

The universe that we live in was created in perfection. There was no random act that could have taken place to form and create the universe it was and is directed by God, the Father. Upon creating this life and the earthly world in which we now live there were a set of governing laws established to manage and maintain perfect order.

These spiritual laws have existed since before the world was and affect our lives each and every moment whether we are aware of them or not. In establishing these laws God saw to it that there was and always will be a perfect balance in all things, for in this perfect balance there is love.

One of these spiritual laws is the law or balance or equilibrium. So that the world does not self-destruct or reach utopia the Law of Equilibrium was created as a governing law that balances lopsided perceptions. Think for a moment about a child. If two children are at odds with one another and things escalate to the point of hitting and screaming the parent will intervene as a peacemaker to balance the dispute. If the parent is frustrated or angry and pulls the children apart they will join forces peacefully to balance the conflict of the parent.

And if the parent sides against one child and disciplines only one the other child will rally in support of the one being chastened. The balance of perfection is always with us and works to equilibrate the one-side or lopsided views, opinions, and perceptions that we mortals face.

Equilibrium or balance is the perfect harmony of all things. Finding the holistic harmony of life on the individual basis takes practice. As human beings we are holistic in nature, yet many people are unaware of their role in the balance of the universe, and are less aware of the synthesis of the mind, body and spirit as they relate to living a healthy and vital life.

In order to achieve balance it is essential to examine all seven areas of life and balance out the misperceptions and misaligned aspects of life to come back into perfect harmony and holistic balance as God intended each person to be. The seven areas of focus are spiritual, mental, physical, familial, social, vocational, and financial.

Bringing each area into alignment or balance requires careful self examination and personal commitment in order to become a loving, nurturing holistic being, not just of the self, but also of the world around each one of us.

A Biblical Perspective On The Secret And The Law Of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is a biblical concept, but has been perverted by worldly teachings; therefore, the church should seek teaching on the biblical Law of Attraction.

Now I’m sure you’ve heard of the teaching known as “The Secret.” The concept is, by using this “secret,” which is “The Law of Attraction,” you can attract anything you want in your life: more money, a bigger house, more business, the perfect mate, literally anything you want!

While the teachings conveyed about the Law of Attraction from worldly teachers contain many truths, they also contain some contradictory ideas to the Word of God. For example, I personally disagree with the notion that a person can have just anything. The reason being, we were born with different strengths, skills, and talents that lend themselves to our individual abilities to acquire the things we desire.

God made us all unique, with a purpose, and with a certain mission to fulfill His will. It isn’t all about us! Now does that mean the Law of Attraction should be ignored? Is it all just a bunch of garbage for the Christian? Absolutely not! The Law of Attraction is a biblical concept.

Once we understand the proper mechanics and the proper use of the law of attraction and discuss it within the church, we should refer to it as the “biblical law of attraction” simply that there may be no misunderstanding. So from here to the end of this article, I’ll refer to it as the “Biblical Law of Attraction.”

Now, the Biblical Law of Attraction and God’s will can, and should work together in your life. Let me clarify it from a biblical perspective in the following three points:

1. The Worldly Law of Attraction and the Believer in Christ

The worldly teaching of the Law of Attraction has brought much confusion to the believer in Christ for one very good reason: It leaves out the entire concept of God’s will! If you’ve been trying to use the Biblical Law of Attraction in the way the worldly teachers teach it, you’ll soon find yourself feeling far from God!

2. Why the Basic Concept of the Law of Attraction Works for Everyone

Like I said previously, the Law of Attraction is a biblical concept and a Godly principle. It’s just that the worldly teaching of it is not Godly. It has distorted biblical references by leaving Jesus out of the equation, thereby perverting the Word of God to suit its own purposes.

3. The Basic Concept of the Law of Attraction and God’s Will

Jesus’ teaching on the Biblical Law of Attraction deals with our beliefs, thoughts, words and actions. The worldly teachers of the Law of Attraction teach that our words and thoughts are enough, like there’s some sort of magic in what we request from, who they call, the “Universe.”

God is interested in our “issues,” and He wants a relationship with us more than anything else. He wants our heart; therefore it grieves Him when we chase after selfish ambitions instead of Him.

So, how should one use the Biblical Law of Attraction? The answer is, to glorify God in his or her life. Not merely to obtain selfish ambitions.

Law of Attraction and the 11 Forgotten Rules that Makes it Unbreakable

When I originally heard the term Law of Attraction I was a freshman in college and I truthfully thought they were talking about relationships. Now casting back, I find this very funny but nonetheless, I find that with age, guffawing at your younger and definitely more nave self is basically extraordinarily refreshing.

Unfortunately, a lot of folk still do not know what the Law of Attraction is not to mention the 11 Forgotten Laws that have made the Law of Attraction a shatterproof force. The Law of Attraction or LOA states that peoples’s thoughts ( conscious or comatose ) dictate the reality of their life consciously or unconsciously. The most straightforward definition of LOA would be like attracts like or energy attracts like energy. .

The LOA is working in your life now. You are tempting people, eventualities, jobs and other things even as you read this sentence. Practitioners and believers of LOA make it clear that once you are conscious of this law and the way to it works, you can use it to purposely attract anything you need in life.

The Law of Attraction has become popular most especially after the release of the movie The Secret in 2006. The subject has changed into a favorite debate not only among normal folks but businessmen and corporations have been known to conduct seminars and workshops that center on LOA.

This universal law seems straightforward enough, for anything that you want first you have to know what it is you would like. This really makes sense because many folks do not actually know what they want out of life. When you have identified your need or goal, you can now start to ask the universe for it. LOA states the vibration of our energy generated from our thoughts and actions radiate from us towards the universe. This is a situationof ask and you shall receive. Now that you have asked the universe, behave, feel and act as if the object of your need is already yours. This is known as visualization. Once you have practiced all 3 the fourth step is to receive your want and to be prepared for the end result.

While there are only 4 steps to achieving whatever it is that you can desire, folk are essentially having a hard time captivating their wishes. This is because they have missed out on the 11 Forgotten Laws of the Law of Attraction. There are many practitioners of LOA and a number of these folks only preach or practice half the guidelines of LOA. When you only practice half, you will most probably get half of the result or worse none.

This is the reason why the 11 Forgotten Laws of Attraction have been formulated to give those having an interest in sped up and permanent success. Yes, the Law of Attraction may appear very easy but we all need a helping hand now and then and this product is one of the paths to actually get into the power of positive thinking and how we can channel our meditation in to something {beneficial. The system includes a 60 day trial and is sure to help change lives for the better! This is an excellent opportunity to start attracting all of the good things we deserve and be on our way to better lives!

Why leave everyting else to fate when you can do something about it. The 11 Forgotten Laws can help you get what you want. Reap the rewards of the Law of Attraction now! Attract Success right now!

Mother In Law Gifts That Are Guaranteed To Please.

Because she is your mother in law you might feel you do not know her tastes that well, because youve not been married to her wonderful son or daughter for all that long or she’s just a little difficult to please, or get to know (despite all the years you and her beloved off spring have been wed.), You’ve been tipped off by your spouse that she doesn’t want another scarf, candle, vase or gift basket. )or she already has everything she wants or needs apart from the proverbial box to put it all in. Here is a suggestion for a gift that cant fail, that won’t wind up in the back of the closet, re-gifted, or auctioned on eBay.

There are always a couple of people on our Christmas shopping list’s that we procrastinate to buy for those who its more like a super human challenge than a pleasant outing at the mall, Who hasn’t been struck with that feeling of Christmas shopping dread at the thought of gift buying for those hard-to-please people whether they be our mothers or grandmothers or worse still our mothers-in-law.
Well here is the solution to your problem a gift made by a female with other females in mind.

We ladies whether we are wives and mothers, grandmothers or the hated mother in law, all share one common affliction we never feel loved enough! We can never be told anywhere near enough times how much we are loved cherished and appreciated by closest family members, in fact we worry sometimes if we are loved by anyone out there at all.

All you ladies reading this recognize this to be true particularly if you have been a wife and mother for some time , we all feel neglected and unappreciated by our husbands and children to a greater or lesser extent, so benefit from this all consuming female inadequacy and choose a Christmas gift for mom in law that unashamedly expresses a personal outpouring of your love and affection, gratitude and appreciation for all that she does and has done for you , as a Christmas present. This is a gift No woman on the face of the planet could resist not ,even the most cold hearted and cantankerous seeming of mother-in-laws.

Their hearts will literally thaw before your eyes on presentation of such a Christmas present. Shop for Christmas gifts that feature a personal message of love for that important, yet sometimes seemingly impossible to buy for, female of the family. Let me tell you, watching the ice melt from the mother-in-law’s usually glacial countenance when she unwraps such a gift is a little Christmas miracle! All to itself.

No matter how aloof and reserved they may appear on the surface all female hearts are touched by openly loving and over the top sentimental gifts it never fails. There is not a female heart of any age or race alive on this whole wide world that isn’t affected by such a gift. A Christmas gift that’s inscribed with a beautiful, heart-warming sentiment of affection, will strike even the most verbally articulate women dumb, all be it for just a little while -won’t that be sweet Christmas music to the ears of any son or daughter in law.

One of Pages from the Hearts best-selling ranges is our Dear Mom/mum Album.

A Brief Guide To Real Estate Law

The term real estate is one that we probably all associate with property, particularly buildings and homes, perhaps land as well, but in every day use it is far more common across the pond in the US rather than here in the UK. However, in the legal sphere the term is in standard use in the area of law known as real estate law – the law applying to all matters relating to the property market.

The value of the property market itself is vast. Across developed countries in 2002, The Economist estimated the market to be worth $68billion (77% of which is the residential property market) therefore also valuing it at 17% more than the total financial assets of these countries. Whats more, for the individuals or companies involved in the market, property often amounts to their biggest single asset and in the case of residential property, more pertinently and emotively, their home. The laws surrounding real estate are therefore often complex and the stakes dealt with are high.

What is Real Estate
As mentioned above real estate in a broad sense equates to what we term as property in everyday parlance. More specifically however, it refers to what are known as immovable objects owned by a party as opposed to movable objects that that party can take with them. In reality this definition covers objects such as land, the buildings thereon and other static objects which are attached to the land (or buildings), including crops and other natural resources found on that land. Conversely the objects which are not static come under the banner of possessions.

In addition to the physical elements of property the term also covers the rights that come with the ownership of that land such as the right to access it (or the air space above it), to mine it, to fish it etc.

In some legal contexts, and particularly in the UK, the term can be supplanted with the term real property (or just property) and instead real estate can be used, for example under probate law, more specifically to refer to a persons share in property or real property at the time of their death.

What Does Real Estate Law Concern
Real estate law is therefore the area of law that deals with these estates/properties, the immoveable objects that are attached to them, any interests in them and the rights that come with them, although it can reach slightly outside of this (immovable object) brief when dealing with legal issues surrounding portable homes such as boats, caravans and mobile homes.

It comes under the wider area of law know as property law (although there are also many overlaps with contract law in practice), which itself concerns the rights that people have to objects that belong to people, and falls mostly under common law (law determined by precedents). The other area(s) of property law not covered by real estate law relate to the (non-fixed) possessions mentioned above or as they can otherwise be known chattels.

The law deals with both the commercial and residential property sectors; that is property owned by commercial enterprises for commercial use and property owned by private individuals or commercial enterprises for residential use respectively.

Within both of these sectors firms practicing real estate law will handle cases relating to the following:

Property transactions – including the buying, selling and leasing of property. The work done here by law firms to facilitate these transactions is termed conveyancing.

Development/construction – whether it be the construction of a new office block or an extension to a residential property

Ownership and occupancy disputes – the rights of tenants and landlords and matters relating to public housing, squatting, cooperative housing or shared apartments buildings etc.

Planning – the rights of land and building owners relating to land use

Rights of passage – rights of public to access or traverse land

Property investment – investment into property/real estate based funds or shares in investment syndicates.

The issues dealt with under the banner of real estate law are widespread and diverse and as mentioned previously the stakes for the parties involved are high and emotive so, as always with legal matters, it is paramount that people seek professional and experienced advice before embarking on property ventures.

Read Banking Labour Law Books Ca Cs Mba Books At Online Book Store

How an Online Book Store can be defined?
An online book store is nothing but a website owned by a dealer of various types of books like books on banking, law, taxation, labor law, CA, CS, MBA etc. Also online book stores usually maintain in accordance to the market they serve.
Reading knowledgeable books is a good habit to everyone. Books are a great source to get information on any topic or subject. Reading books is some peoples hobby too, they can spare a long time reading some informative books.
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Labor law books available online are full of information and updated labouring rules/laws which help to business and other industries. You cannot take any type of labour work from child under 14 years age, because this comes under the law. All such laws are fully explained in these law books. Books provide guidelines to us in all fields/areas for business or commercial point of view.
Another advantage of buying books online is the impressive discount offered by the online bookstores. Due to reduced cost of maintaining a physical store and paying the salesmen, you can get discount books online as well as a large collection of books too.
You have to very careful during search for online books, such as price and the right author name of the book etc. The same text book is sold at different prices on the Internet. So, you need to search various online shops that sell the same text book. You will experience the difference in prices by some book sellers for the same book or title. You can save some money by visiting some great online book stores online. Moreover, you don’t need to waste your time searching for the textbook in your local store.

What Is The Lemon Law – A Concise Definition

Lemon law refers to the statement from the government that was created to protect consumers from defective piece of automobile. An automobile that has manufacturing defect or if it asks for repeated repairs after purchase and if the automobile is under warranty period, such a vehicle is termed as a lemon.

A law was placed for the benefit of consumers to prevent them from a lemon vehicle. In a nut shell if any vehicle such as a car is under warranty period and is suffering from various defects that prevent a consumer to use the vehicle effectively then Lemon law act or the Magnuson Moss Act comes into force.

Lemon law can be enforced on any sort of vehicle like a car, truck, van, SUV, motorcycle, boat or computer, etc. If any of these consumer durables is found to be defective then the consumer is entitled for either money back, replacement or a cash settlement. The law can be consulted with a Lemon law attorney as various states have different lemon laws. Some states have a lemon law for only the automobiles but some also include other consumer durables like computers, etc.

A dealer or manufacturer should have made number of attempts to repair the vehicle before being declared as lemon. Usually three or more attempts in row over a short period of time are required for any vehicle to be termed as lemon. Lemon law is also applicable to vehicles which have been resold but are still under warranty and meet the mileage and time criteria. More often it is very difficult to persuade a manufacturer to accept a lemon vehicle. In such cases a lemon suit is often called for.

To ensure whether a vehicle is a lemon or not one should observe certain conditions of the vehicle before pursuing a lemon law suit. A vehicle should exhibit some serious defect or some abnormal condition. Such a condition should be covered by manufacturers warranty. Number of attempts for repair should also be taken into account before preparing a lemon law suit. A written notice should have also been issued to the manufacturer prior to a lemon law suit.

A vehicle that has been bought back by the manufacturer from the customer is known as a Lemon Buy Back. Such lemon buy backs are often sold in auctions as used cars by the manufacturers.

The Lemon law enforced for protecting consumers from the lemon vehicles is Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. This lemon law states that any advertised guarantee should explicitly state relevant information about a warranty. This law ensures that any warranty for goods above $15 should be clearly expressed on the goods and should be clear and easy to understand. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty act enables a consumer to bring suit to any manufacturer, supplier, warrantor, or service contractor for any defective piece of good or services.

A lemon vehicle explicitly loses market value due to its manufacturing defect. Moreover, manufacturing defects may lead to several life threatening circumstances. It also substantially impedes a person’s ability to control or operate a motor vehicle for ordinary use or intended purposes. Any manufacturing defect can also create a substantial risk of fire or explosion. All these risk elements call for enforcement of Lemon law in the states of United States. This law helps consumer from all such threats and hazardous circumstances.

Supporting Your Kids Lawyers Orange County Californiawww.linkedin.compubjulian-fox9434615

When enough is sufficient, a number of couples pick a unanimous decision to terminate the vows earlier exchanged. This procedure is however not an occurrence that many anticipate. Which has a child, cases of divorce can make be rather complex at times. A young child is entitled to parental care. In cases where of your divorce, it is important for a kid to keep up a romantic relationship with parents irrespective. At times, this objective is definitely far-fetched. For example, a mother or father might prove to be somehow negligent or where circumstances warrant sole custody.

Most of the time, a youngster remains with to one parent. Child support lawyers oc CA, are invariably ready to handle the dynamics involved, and bring your child back. In determining justice, it usually is important to pay close care about the strain of one’s kid(s). Which has a professional, it is possible to arrive at the absolute best solution. This requires resolution of support arrangements, visitation times, and at times custody.

As the parents are searhing for a long lasting solution, a final say lies using the judge concerned. Before making his final verdict, a legal court appoints a mediator who meets each party and advices the judges accordingly. In settling for the way forward, the court can appoint a completely independent party to evaluate the reality on a lawn. It is after consideration that custody is awarded only to the best interest with the children.

Custody determinations are not always for moms and dads seeking divorce. These are applicable also when one parent is irresponsible. Supporting your children lawyers orange county CA will be the only individuals perfectly put into safeguarding your interests. These lawyers are conversant with your kids guidelines in California. With them, your son or daughter is guaranteed the financial support he or she requires.

A parent or gaurdian might plan to conceal some details regarding his or her own income. It is therefore important to determine how the facts given are true. Child support lawyers oc CA will verify the facts with the income and expenditure accounts filled. In the event a number of the information provided is not yet determined, it their duty to iron out each one of these details.

Complete refusal to sign earnings and expenditure is another possibility. The same as using the case when a parents has not been truthful regarding the details completed this manner, the penalty is always an award of severe monitory sanctions as well as the dishonest party is required to give the attorney fess against them.

After a while, circumstances are bound to alteration of a proven way or another. That is always true with legal proceeding. The great thing with your sons or daughters cases is they can be modified as time passes. As an illustration, a parent may decide to avoid settling the installments awarded by the court. Supporting your children lawyers orange county CA will help you modify the information on true or at times enforce supporting your children awards.

With one of these facts regarding child support, your kids cases can come to be a complex undertaking. It is therefore important to get an established team to argue your case your case for you personally. In oc California, your sons or daughters lawyers oc CA will be the only guides.

Labor Laws That Every Woman Should Know

Today, women make up nearly 50 percent of the workforce in the United States. According to a 2012 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, women make up 46.9% of the professional and technical workforce.

Women are legally entitled to equal employment opportunities and, as members of the workforce, they should be aware of their rights.

This article discusses labor laws that are important for women to know in order to understand their rights under these laws.

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
In the past, high-paying jobs would be offered to men and, for doing the same job, women would be paid about half of what men got. It was presume that women, as they were not the heads of households, did not deserve to earn as much money as men did. The FLSA enforces equal wages and overtime pay for women.

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
Employers must grant 12 weeks of unpaid leave for covered women employees for birth or adoption of child. This Act is designed to help women balance the demands of the workplace with family and personal needs.

The Comprehensive Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA)
Women, especially single mothers, benefit from this Act. Under this Act, eligible working woman employees continue to get health benefits after the loss of their job, or because of job transition or family issues.

The Whistleblower Protection Act
The Whistleblower Protection Act applies to women who are victims of gender discrimination or reprisal. This Act allows the whistleblower (an employee who reports to the authorities about inappropriate or unsafe work conditions that are taking place within an organization) to file a lawsuit in a federal court.

The Civil Rights Act
The Civil Rights Act protects women against sexual discrimination. This Act makes it unlawful for an employer to discriminate against women employees because of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.

The Pregnancy Discrimination Act
This Act came into existence after amending the Civil Rights Act to prohibit sex discrimination on the basis of pregnancy. Pregnancy discrimination involves treating a woman employee unfavorably on the basis of pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions. This Act is an effort to eliminate pregnancy based discrimination.

The Equal Pay Act
This Act amends the Fair Labor Standards Act and abolishes wage disparity based on sex. The act requires that men and women should be given equal pay for equal work. This is an important step towards fair pay for women and closing the wage gap between men and women in the workforce.

As a women employee, you should be aware of the various labor laws that govern equal pay and compensation and how they affect your employment activities and responsibilities.

The law requires that the posters for the aforesaid labor law have to be displayed prominently by the employers in places where employees can easily read the law notices. This ensures women employees are informed of their rights.

How Law Firms In Tampa Can Help You In Choosing Right Business Entity For Your Small Business

Are you located in Tampa, Florida and running a small business but feeling puzzled about what business entity to choose from? Law firms in Tampa will help you to get out of this confusing state by giving you proper guidance. Let us discuss the various types of business structures to choose from:

Sole Proprietorship: In sole proprietorship, you are the sole owner of the business. No sort of any separate entity exists in this business structure. Any business that is operating as a sole proprietorship must get itself registered with county clerk in the county which the business is being conducted out. From the respective county clerk websites, you can file the certificate for business by paying an estimated fee of around $35-40. In this you will be taxed once and tax liability will depend upon your earnings.

Corporation: Corporation implies incorporated business structure. To get an Inc. status you need to submit the required documents to Florida Department of State along with required charges. However it is recommended that you pay extra for expedited serviced and other certified documents so as to avoid week-long delay in the starting of your business. Generally, most of the banks ask for a filing receipt and a certified copy of INC. certificate to open a business account for your small business. There are two types of Incorporations namely:

C-Corporation: You will be taxed twice. First on the basis of your earnings. Secondly your business shareholders will be taxed on the basis of dividend received by them.

S-Corporation: Youll be taxed once. Individual shareholders are taxed for their share of tax liability of the corporation.

Partnership: Partnerships are of two types namely:

General Partnership: It is formed when two or more than two people start running out a business without specifying a business entity for their small business. In such a scenario you need to file for a certificate of business with your respective country or state. It is recommended that you take assistance from a qualified business lawyer in Tampa before opting for this business structure.

Limited Partnership: It is an acceptable business type. You can file the paperwork to Florida Department of State by paying the required charges. Dont forget to pay extra for expedited services and two copies of the filing of certificate.

Limited Liability Company (LLC): LLC offer great deal if flexibility due top which most of the businesses are opting for this business form. Flexibilities come in the form of benefits that one can enjoy be it flexibility in terms of partnership or protection from business liabilities as in case of incorporated business. But it is more complex and expensive business form. Article of organization n needs to be filed and assistance can be taken from law firms in Tampa.

Besides, these small businesses also require various special licenses and permissions to operate their business efficiently in the state of Florida. Business lawyers in Tampa will help you to choose a correct business entity for your small business along by ensuring that you get enough time to focus upon your business competencies. Based upon the involved liability and tax issues it is recommended that you take help from a business lawyer in Tampa. It will enable you to get a better insight of consequences of your choice for your small business.